Nan Gall — Energy Systems

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A comprehensive range of oilfield data acquisition systems

About Us

Nan Gall Energy Systems is a specialist design and manufacturing company producing leading downhole and surface data acquisition equipment for the oilfield service industry. NGES prides itself on innovation, quality, reliability and customer service.

NGES differentiates itself by having the specialist capability within its facility to manufacture and test products from design to delivery. All materials used are sourced from certified suppliers, providing us with the highest standards of quality before we build. The final product is fully tested in-house before delivery to the customer. Our approach to customer service is aligned with our fundamental aim – measured performance. We provide a transparent approach to our customers throughout the production lifecycle and we are there every step of the way with personalised training and support services.

NGES equipment is used by some of the largest oil and gas service companies in the world. Our product range is built on experience and research spanning over 20 years. Nangall's customers drive our success in everything we do. Our knowledge centre is our hub for innovation.

Our people directly contribute to our customers’ success. NGES’ dedication and commitment to the customer begins with having the right team and skills. All of our team members can be regarded as experts in their field and we support those foundations with ongoing training both internally and externally. NGES sources its team members from across the globe to provide a truly unique combination of skills and experience. 

UKAS Certificate