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Intelligent Trigger Device

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Our clients use the world’s first ultra-high pressure 30,000 psi,and 15,000 psi fully-programmable electronic firing heads. This unmatched perforating technology is also capable of low pressure cycle operation and allows for immediate or delayed detonation.

Nan Gall Intelligent Trigger Device

As more challenging and complex wells are explored, this is the kind of flexibility needed for downhole, pressure-operated tools. The Intelligent Trigger Device provides a safe, precise, and adaptable perforating instrument that can initiate a ballistic device through a predetermined sequence of events.

Programming flexibility can provide delay times from many minutes to hours or days, and can be tailored to work under virtually any completion sequence. The Intelligent Trigger Device can be used as a primary or secondary firing head for any tubing conveyed perforating (TCP) operation.

Providing maximum reliability, our Itelligent Trigger Device uses the block RED® Detonator, an advanced electro explosive device used to initiate perforating guns. The design features of the Block RED detonator provide significantly improved safety characteristics over conventional resistor devices, and allow well site activities to continue uninterrupted while perforating.

With fully customizable programming, the Intelligent Trigger Device provides the total completion procedure flexibility needed for today’s challenges.

Case History
In a deep well where perforating services were planned at depths greater than 24,000 TVD, the customer wanted to avoid applying high surface pressures to initiate the perforating guns. our Intelligent Trigger Device provided the solution:

Well Information

  • Perforations: 24,297 – 24,410ft TVD
  • BHT: 245° F
  • BHP: 18,500 psi
  • Fluid Weight: 14.8 ppg
  • Perforating 200 psi Overbalanced w/ Completion Fluid


  • Intelligent Trigger Device (Primary Firing Head)
  • APF-C Firing Head (Secondary Firing Head)
  • 4-5/8” 12 SPF HMX SH/LD Gun System

Using our Intelligent Trigger Device as the primary firing head, this perforating job was successfully completed utilizing a maximum surface pressure of 1600 psi.

UKAS Certificate