Nan Gall — Energy Systems

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A comprehensive range of oilfield data acquisition systems


Nan Gall Energy Systems is a specialist design and manufacturing company producing leading edge "downhole" and "surface" data acquisition equipment for the oil and gas industry.

Tool Configuration Design & Workflow Consultancy

At Nan Gall, our devices are designed by experts who truly understand the rigours of each operation.


Nan Gall Energy Systems are fully-equipped for on site calibration. The calibration equipment includes automated dead weight testers (DWT) for high accuracy calibrations.

Product Service, Upgrade and Repair

We provide a comprehensive functional and diagnostic check of your product.

Rental options

Nan Gall Energy Systems maintains a pool of equipment which it offers to customers on a rental basis.

Customer Support

Nobody specialises in our tools like we do and we want your operations to run smoothly and safely.

Quality Innovation and Development

At Nan Gall we never forget how much faith customers put in our products – and our support.

UKAS Certificate