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A comprehensive range of oilfield data acquisition systems

Intelligent Trigger Modules

The Intelligent Trigger* is a multifunctional tool, which allows the deployment of production logging tools or the safe initiation (using the appropriate Voltage Generator Module) of explosive or delayed-action devices deployed on slickline or coiled tubing.

The Intelligent Trigger is based on Nan Gall Energy Systems Production Logging memory module and incorporates all the logic necessary to safely initiate among others:

  • Casing perforating
  • Tubing punching
  • Tubing cutting
  • Plug/Packer setting
  • Downhole sampling
  • Various other downhole operations

The Nan Gall Energy Systems’ Intelligent Trigger has a dual failsafe safety feature where it is activated by a pressure sequence and also the accelerometer before firing. It has been fully certified by an independent certifying authority as safe for use and has demonstrated the necessary immunity during the certification process to various scenarios including RF, stray currents and even lightning strikes.

Whether the application requires slickline or tubing conveyed casing perforating, tubing punching, tubing cutting, plug/packer setting or even downhole sampling, Nan Gall can provide the safe means of achieving the goal.

(*Third-party risk assessed)

Quick Change Trigger

The Quick Change Trigger (QCT) is designed to fulfil the need for a cost-effective triggering device, without compromising on quality, to initiate all types of explosive and pyrotechnic devices, regardless of the method of deployment. The tools concept has been based around quick & easy cartridge changes if required at the well site and this can be performed with no specialized tools. The QCT would be suited to lower pressure zones where deployment is via TCP, Coiled Tubing or Slickline due to its selective control pulse window. Cartridge inserts are available for firing a wide range of ballistic devices used in the following applications:

  • Perforating
  • Pipe cutting
  • Plug or straddle setting
Tool Type Outside Diameter Maximum Pressure Range Maximum Temperature Pressure Resolution Temperature Resolution
Intelligent Trigger Specifications 1.6875” (4.286cm) 16,000psi (1104 bar) 350.6°F (175°C) 0.01psi 0.001°C
High Pressure Intelligent Trigger 2.125” (5.4cm) 30,000psi (2068 bar) 350.6°F (175°C) 0.01psi 0.001°C


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