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A comprehensive range of oilfield data acquisition systems


Nan Gall Energy Systems products involve the acquisition of data for subsequent analysis on a personal computer and each product is supplied with the appropriate accompanying software. Nan Gall Energy Systems supplies two main types of software:


UniTM is the original software for early Nan Gall Energy Systems gauge products. This software is DOS-based but is still utilised by several customers who enjoy its simplicity, ease of operation and functionality.


Uni-SoftTM is the main data acquisition software provided with Nan Gall Energy Systems products and is the platform on which the majority of the product software is developed. This Windows-based software is supplied with all gauge, logging tool and intelligent trigger products. There are several variants of Uni-SoftTM, including customer-specific versions. Uni-SoftTM has excellent functionality and is very easy to use despite the fact that it is so feature rich.

Nan Gall Energy Systems is very flexible in its approach to software development and works closely with its customers to continually improve the software provided and to customise features requested by customers.

Simplified versions of Uni-SoftTM have also been developed and are available on request. These cut-down versions are typically used by customers in Run It Yourself-type applications where less experienced users are operating the products.


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