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Quality Innovation and Development

At Nan Gall we never forget how much faith customers put in our products – and our support. 

That is why we go beyond simply meeting the quality standards you would expect – and instead take a truly personal interest in getting it right, every time.


At Nan Gall, we have invested heavily to keep as many of our processes in-house as possible. From our machine shop to testing and calibration, everything we do is designed to increase the reliability of our tools. It also helps us to check everything – then check it again – at every stage of the design and manufacturing process. In other words, we can identify and fix potential problems long before our customers ever need to worry about them. Of course, we also work with third party machine shops and suppliers – but only ones we have personally approved. More than that, our suppliers need to meet the same quality standards we demand of ourselves and we ensure they are kept up to date via our knowledge centre.


Nan Gall is an expert, specialist company. This is important – because it really shapes how we deliver our service to customers. When you speak to us, you talk with a real person who really cares about the quality of our work – not an automated system. Many of our team have an advanced engineering degree plus a wealth of experience, and are real experts in our industry.


We’re accredited to ISO9001 (2008) – but that only tells part of the story. We can even perform shock and vibration testing to any specification you require, right up to 50 g. We regularly commission third party risk assessments on our products and machining, to give you extra peace of mind. That means independent testing to ensure our manufacturing meets our exacting standards – vital for close-fit components such as O-rings. We also keep samples of all the casing bar stock we use in manufacturing. We store this with the mill’s own certification – a vital part of our thorough traceability regime.

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